Join me on an innovative journey of turning a personal challenge into a groundbreaking solution. As a product manager, I’ve always found creating epics and user stories to be a particularly time-consuming and complex task. Motivated to find a quicker and more efficient way to transfer my thoughts into well-structured documents, I embarked on a project to develop an AI assistant that could do just that. This post introduces “The Product Coach,” a specialized GPT model developed using OpenAI’s custom ChatGPT LLM builder. Designed to reflect my knowledge and approach in product management, this AI aims not only to streamline my workflow but also to offer similar benefits to others facing the same challenge.

Customizing GPT for Product Management:

The customization of “The Product Coach” was a journey marked by meticulous attention to detail, yet it was surprisingly swift, taking only minutes to implement each stage. We began with a unique touch, giving the AI a distinct identity through a profile picture, swiftly generated using OpenAI’s Dall-E model. This step was quick but crucial, setting the stage for the AI’s relatable and approachable persona.

Turning myself into an AI

We began with a unique touch, giving the AI a distinct identity through a profile picture, swiftly generated using OpenAI’s Dall-E model. This step was quick but crucial, setting the stage for the AI’s relatable and approachable persona.

Next, we swiftly honed the AI’s tone of communication. Choosing the right balance between casual and formal language was an efficient process, aimed at ensuring “The Product Coach” communicated effectively while resonating with users in a familiar manner. This step was about imbuing the AI with a voice that reflected my professional style, done swiftly to maintain momentum.

Then, we tackled the AI’s approach to handling uncertain or unknown queries. It was vital for “The Product Coach” to respond in a way that echoed my approach to uncertainties — acknowledging when information might be beyond its current scope, while promptly suggesting alternative solutions or offering further exploration. This customization, though intricate, was executed rapidly.

The final touch was integrating the AI with a specific methodology of product management, achieved by uploading a PDF of the Epic and User Story format I use. This critical document was seamlessly integrated, instantly grounding the AI in my personal approach and ensuring its advice was not just theoretically sound, but also practically applicable.

Capabilities and Features

“The Product Coach” stands out with its ability to:

  • Guide users through various product management tasks, from defining epics to crafting user stories.
  • Adapt its responses for both technical and non-technical queries, making it versatile for diverse users.
  • Access a specialized knowledge base, ensuring responses are not only intelligent but also contextually relevant and accurate.

The Development Process

To me, one of the most remarkable aspects of developing “The Product Coach” was the ease of the process, facilitated by a user-friendly chat-like interface. This innovative approach made it possible to interact with the AI in a natural, conversational manner, guiding its learning and customization intuitively. The experience felt less like programming and more like mentoring a protégé, allowing for a seamless integration of real-world product management scenarios and solutions into the AI’s knowledge base.

Real-World Application and User Feedback

Since its recent inception, “The Product Coach” has already started making an impact within my product management team. I introduced the AI to my colleagues today, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Team members are excited about how it will assist them in writing more effective user stories and epics with unprecedented efficiency. Their initial impressions underscore its potential to not only speed up the documentation process but also improve the quality of these critical product management artifacts. This early feedback is a promising indicator of the AI’s value in practical, real-world product management scenarios.

Future Plans for ‘The Product Coach’

Looking ahead, there are exciting developments in store for “The Product Coach.” One key enhancement will be the integration of my upcoming book on product management into the AI’s knowledge base. This will infuse the AI with a deeper layer of my expertise and unique voice, making it an even more powerful tool.

Additionally, I plan to integrate my Go To Market strategy process into the AI. This will equip “The Product Coach” with comprehensive insights into market analysis, strategy formulation, and execution tactics, mirroring my personal approach to bringing products to market successfully. These updates are aimed at ensuring that the AI not only offers advice but also embodies the full spectrum of my knowledge and experience in product management.


Creating “The Product Coach” has been more than just a technological venture; it’s about crafting an AI that’s deeply rooted in my personal methodologies and future contributions. As AI technology continues to advance, “The Product Coach” stands as a testament to the innovative and personalized potential of AI in professional domains.

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I invite you to experience “The Product Coach” firsthand and see how it can transform your approach to product management. Your feedback and insights are invaluable as we continue to refine and enhance this AI tool. Please share your experiences and let’s shape the future of AI in product management together!

Also note: the Product Coach will not learn on any data you provide it.