Hi! I'm Aaron

I’ve been a product manager for about 10 years. I have a true passion for solving problems. I absolutely love helping others break into this field. In my blog I share tips on breaking into product management, creating lasting connections and discovering customer problems. Check out my blog or sign up for my newsletter for even deeper dives into the topics.

What's Your Problem

An Unconventional Method to Becoming a Product Manager by Understanding Your Customer Better Than Anyone Else

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What MY Skillset IS

Currently I help businesses upskill their existing product team by creating a step by step product process I’ve created which employs product frameworks like design thinking, jobs to be done, and user journey mapping and pairs those with development best practices.

If you’re a product manager looking to learn my best practices for breaking into the field and helping businesses do this I can coach you in

  • Continuous product discovery
  • Validation techniques
  • Vision/Strategy
  • Execution
  • Customer interviewing
  • Design thinking
  • Jobs to be done
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Cross functional team leadership
  • Stakeholder management
  • Finding mentorship at your company and beyond
  • Continuous product discovery

About me

Aaron Kesler

 Aaron is an entrepreneur, certified product manager, and overall product enthusiast. Currently he’s a Senior Product Manager at SnapLogic where he is working on new product development and developing repeatable product processes.

Aaron started his first company, STAK, in college which focused on application development for small businesses. One of his clients was also a quickly growing startup called Carvertise. After working with Aaron on a few projects, Carvertise acquired STAK, making Aaron and his business partner the third and fourth members of the Carvertise team. While at Carvertise, Aaron wore many hats from Product Management to Customer Success to Lead Developer and all the way to Sales. Under Aaron’s technical leadership, Carvertise won Tech Startup of the Year 2015 for the state of Delaware.

After three years, Aaron moved down to Raleigh, NC on a whim. Working at Starbucks for a year, he met some absolutely amazing folks before he joined a slightly larger startup. He became the 30th member of TopQuadrant before going to Blue Cross NC in 2019 and then Snaplogic in 2022. In his free time, Aaron is working on a book to help new product managers break into the field by giving them a solid process to follow. For fun he enjoys playing golf with his dad every Friday, traveling to foreign countries, and practicing ukulele.

Aaron Kesler

What do I do?

For the future product manager

I know how to get you into the world of product management. I know the problems you’re facing because I experienced them first hand. I can help you:


  • Get into the product management field by following an easy step by step process I’ve created
  • Have a resume and LinkedIn profile that stands out and attracts recruiters and gets you noticed
  • Start doing product management right now, no matter what job title you currently have.

What CAN I HELP with?

Creating a product management process for you or your business

Break into the product management field by focusing on the customer and obsessing over their problems

Learning the best practices before getting bogged down with tools

For More product musings.

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